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21st May 2003 JillC (my ex-roommate) called me... I knew I should have gotten around to replying that email. I'm terrible when it comes to stuff like that. Terrible is me. Well, finally got around to updating this poor neglected blog. I know I give too much priority to the Jaded.

I am hoping that this place Ying, Jen and I found will work out. It might, if the landlord approves of us. I think he was a bit averse to the idea of students, and (undergrads at that) because of the typical inebriated species one usually finds wandering about the streets of London.

I finally got my new tablet. will spend a few days playing around with it- but you will no doubt see the fruits of my labour soon. Until then- Ping

21st May 2003

Had theory 2 yesterday and will have *play dark music* System Architecture tomorrow. Curses to Sorenson, who will not doubt be chuckling to his Danish self about how many people will fail this year.

alan helped me out with this nemesis today. Thank heaven for a boyfriend who knows MIPS! I'm one lucky girl. :)

Note to self: Mail Jillian and Qin. Must remember to ask about Snowie(dog). Had a bad dream about it last night and while it may be silly... I do remember Grandma and her dreams. *shudder* some things in life I will never understand.

13th May 2003

I am torn between elation and depression.

I have discovered the secret of coexistence! If 3 people live in the same small house, they must have their own space. Especially if they are students with exams. Also if they have different sleeping habits, and two of them are s1obs, and cannot understand the 3rd person she she says she cannot study in a house where every flat surface has a representative in the dirty-laundry, piles-of-papers and oversize-textbooks family. I'm not the neatest person in the world, but even this is too much.

Secondly, is it unreasonable for me to be awake and moving around the house at 9.40am on a weekday? *Some people* who pull all nighters take exception to this and complain I breathe/walk/do anything too loud. Conveniently, them being awake and disturbing me at 4am while I'm sleeping never occurs to them. Everyone has the right to sleep when they want, but don't expect everyone else to schedule their lives around your sleeping habits.

One thing's for sure. I'm getting a room of my own next year- whatever it takes. No matter how poky a cubbyhole, it can't be any worse than this. - Ping

6th May 2003

Hurrah! Theory 1 is over, I think I will pass, and now for *shudder* Maths on Friday.

My housing situation: I might actually get to share a flat with my friends Ying and Jennifer! If we find the right one, that is. -Ping

2nd May 2003

Well, my exam starts this Tuesday. What am I doing putting up this site?!? Crazy me.

I'm still looking for a place for next year. I hope I can find a nice place with (very important condition) my own room. In the meantime, the irritating workmen nextdoor keep me from getting a good night's sleep. At least I can be sure of not oversleeping... -Ping